Meet the co-founders: Warren D. & Cynthia M. Rutledge


Warren and Cynthia Rutledge co-founded the Keli May Foundation in honor of their daughters’ memory and passion for loving people. Keli Ariana-Renee Rutledge, at the young age of 18, was killed in a head on collision on March 4, 2016 by an impaired driver. Her life was cut short as a local musician who loved sharing her gifts of singing with her church families and fans, which she called her "Roots", who helped her grow stronger in faith and as a young woman.  The Keli May Foundation’s sole purpose is to intentionally connect to young people, by loving them where they are, while helping them transition into adulthood.  God, as Founder has provided the foundation with a vision of a place, where young people ages 17 to 21 can receive temporary housing, experience the presence of Christ and develop a community of lasting relationships while preparing for independence.   We believe this is what our daughter Keli would be most proud of.

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