Vision and mission

Our vision is to provide care and services that complement the unmarried individual’s own efforts to achieve self-sufficiency and to accept personal responsibility while preparing for and making the transition into adulthood. These individuals shall be between the ages of 17 to 21 years of age and have aged-out of the foster care system. The types of care and services provided are cash assistance, food, clothing, shelter or any other assistance that is reasonably necessary to meet their immediate basic needs per a written agreement between the individual and the Keli May Foundation. 

Due to the epidemic of at-risk young adults exiting the foster care  system who have limited to no direction, support or stability, The Keli May Foundation’s goal is to be the “Roots” to develop the possibility of  a brighter future by creating a temporary home and equipping those  young adults with life skills and a connection through community, love and support. 

The Keli May campus vision

What's part of the campus vision?

  • Eight residential buildings, which will house 27 young adults and house parents 
  • Using building materials, such as EIFS with masonry or metal stud walls 
  • Natural landscaping materials to be used throughout the site
  • Furnishing for each young adult, including the house parent 
  • Outdoor breakout spaces with staged furniture 
  • Three transport vans
  • Support spaces, such as laundry facilities 
  • Cafeteria-style dining facility and commercial kitchen 
  • An indoor multi-purpose gathering space 
  • Bible studies spaces for groups, convertible for small and larger groups 
  • Education classes, such as financial counseling courses, continued educational courses, group and individual clinical counseling courses
  • Full time staff counselor    

Yes, we know this is a monumental task, but with God’s Will and your assistance, this vision will be brought to fruition.